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Dedicated Project Management

World Class Industries’ (WCI) Virtual Assembly Factory solution is composed of four tightly integrated proven processes: integrated procurement, data-rich assembly, customized order fulfillment, and project management. At first glance, it might seem odd to include project management on the list, but WCI has found project management to be one of the most important processes leading successful project implementation. Outsourcing sub-assemblies and products is a relatively new practice for Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Product Companies (SME). Therefore, it can be difficult to understand exactly what decisions need to be made when to achieve milestones. Having successfully completed thousands of unique projects, WCI’s dedicated project management resources create the clarity needed to realize project objectives.

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Engineered for Assembly

One area stands out when examining Virtual Assembly Factory value: assembly engineering. Much value is locked up in designs that are difficult or costly to put together. Collaboration occurs between design engineers with deep performance requirement understanding and WCI experts in leading assembly techniques and tooling. History has taught us that there is often a design that retains all the performance requirements needed while enhancing ease of assembly.

Collaborative Pricing

Collaboration also occurs in other parts of the process including integrated procurement. Given the collaborative process in both assembly engineering and component parts, it is logical to create a pricing framework that is transparent. Openness ensures that changes are passed through in a consistent and equitable manner. Further, WCI provides a distinct Virtual Assembly Factory pricing model for each project that takes into account the specifics of each project and ensures value.

Quality Planning

As projects move from the drawing board to production, it is critically important for quality planning to keep pace. With dedicated project management resources, Advanced Product Quality Process (APQP) processes are kept in-sync. This is important because it ensures that risks are addressed early and throughout the product realization process, minimizing costly quality issues during production.

Whether your company is a Global OEM or a SME Product Company, the project management expertise of WCI will add value to your project, ensuring timelines are met, budgets are attained, and success criteria are realized. Project Management is tightly integrated into the other proven processes of the Virtual Assembly Factory solution to make outsourcing work to WCI a cost-effective and safe sourcing decision.