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Integrated Procurement

Component parts are important to the performance and value of products. Those component parts take many forms: from highly engineered and custom to commodity parts that are widely available from multiple sources. As variable as the types of parts is, so is their location of manufacture and the processing needed prior to use. World Class Industries (WCI) is well versed at providing for this variation as part of our Virtual Assembly Factory solution. WCI’s solutions combine our proven processes of procurement, assembly, order fulfillment, and project management to create maximum value for customers seeking a solution for complex assembly and supply chain intense projects.

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Procurement Systems

WCI’s ability to perform and deliver for our customers starts with proven systems. For twenty years, WCI has been developing and refining our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to deliver value as part of our Virtual Assembly Factory solution. That development includes work to translate customer demand changes quickly into our system. WCI uses a variety of methods, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Secure File to Person (SFTP), and Application Programming Interface (API). Once data is in the system, WCI communicates with sub-tier suppliers using their preferred form of transmittal. This flow of information is reinforced by proven workflows around expediting and abnormality detection.

Commodity Strategies

WCI’s size and scope have created thousands of supplier relationships that can be leveraged to implement new projects and to increase value on existing projects. Using defined strategies in key commodities, WCI is able to identify and work with suppliers that meet project requirements. Aggregating demand across multiple projects and customers improves pricing performance for all. This strategy is led by a strong team of supply management professionals.

Integrated Procurement is a proven process at WCI and one that is called upon to deliver an exceptional Virtual Assembly Factory solution. By using systems developed and tested by many of the most demanding Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), WCI is able to provide value in the form of cost reduction, increased capacity, and throughput to OEMs globally as well as Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) product companies.