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Success Model

World Class Industries (WCI) offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions for Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Small to Medium Enterprise Product Companies (SME) who seek continued profitability and success. For over 50 years, we have refined our offerings and developed proven processes such as integrated procurement, data-rich assembly, customized order fulfillment, and dedicated project management. These services come together within our unique Virtual Assembly Factory solution, which enables our customers to better their bottom line and achieve their goals.

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Shared Purpose and Vision Brings About Success

World Class Industries is blessed to have great customers in many unique industries that are doing great things in the world: customers with vision and purpose. Each day WCI’ers work throughout locations in the USA and Europe to help our customer deliver for their end customers.

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Customer satisfaction. What might seem simple and straightforward might be incredibly complex to accomplish given system, space, and supply chain configuration. WCI is up to this challenge and will enable you to serve your customers with excellence and deliver your brand promise.

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Markets are dynamic. Circumstances change and with them the demand for products. Reacting quickly and effectively can be the difference between a satisfied customer and one who looks to a competitor. WCI will allow you to have advantages you have never had in the past.

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Complexity pervades. Coordinating the procurement, assembly, and fulfillment of products is complex. Tens of thousands of components flowing through thousands of suppliers to numerous customers is challenging each and every day. Our management of this complexity allows you to focus on what you do best.

The Right People: Everywhere You Need Them

This ability to add-value is because of WCI’s strong emphasis on the development of a dynamic culture, recruitment of strong candidates, and selection of top performers.  

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WCI’ers. Currently 200 strong, WCI’ers are working in various roles throughout eight locations to deliver value for customers.


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A-Players. WCI recruits, develops, and retains A-Players – individuals in the top 10% of available talent, who are high performers, and are consistently rated as excellent. WCI utilizes tools and processes developed by Topgrading in this effort, dedicated training curriculums, and robust review processes.  WCI is always looking for achievers to join our team. Please check our Careers page for current openings.

Our Approach: Unique Methods for Your Success

At WCI, our approach is a critical part of our success. How we go about our work, how the company is structured, and the alignment of long-term goals offers our customers a great advantage.

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Values Driven. Values drive how we accomplish work. WCI’s five values of Agile, Team-Driven, Genuine, Optimistic, and Forever Committed guide each day—how we work together, collaborate with suppliers, and align with customers.


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Family Owned. Now in the second-generation, the commitment to creating value for customers is firmly understood and shared throughout the company.


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Privately Held. Focusing on long-term relationships is important to WCI. With ownership privately held, WCI can weather all manner of market conditions to deliver long-term stability for our customers.


With shared vision and purpose, coupled with the right team and approach, we are able to execute upon our unique promise of a successful Virtual Assembly Factory model. This full-service manufacturing solution ensures that the world’s largest OEMs, as well as other enterprise manufacturing entrepreneurs, can be the best they can be and realize their goals. Interested to learn more about this innovative manufacturing model? For education and information, take our convenient online assessment or simply contact us to learn more today.