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Customized Order Fulfillment

Much cost can be saved from otherwise effective value streams by streamlining inadequate order fulfillment processes. World Class Industries’ (WCI) Virtual Assembly Factory plugs an important gap while also closely integrating proven processes in procurement, data-rich assembly, and project management. Combined, the Virtual Assembly Factory solution is one that helps Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) better utilize assets while helping Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Product Companies (SME) scale their business.

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Complexities of Order Fulfillment

WCI’s approach to Order Fulfillment is unique. As part of the Virtual Assembly Factory solution, WCI completely integrates our customers’ order fulfillment requirements into our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Oftentimes, this step is ignored or skipped by suppliers because of system limitations. WCI has found this is a critical investment that prevents future failure modes in timely and accurately delivering orders.

Order fulfillment methods and integration have increased with the evolution of ERP and related systems. Whether your company relies on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or the Application Programing Interface (API) of cloud applications, WCI has experience and confidence that a robust and cost-effective connection can be made to remove the possibility of non-conformances. 

Cost Savings Potential in Order Fulfillment

Whether your operations are geared to direct sequencing, triggering/KANBAN, or more traditional purchase order releases, WCI is equipped to streamline order fulfillment to aid in reducing inventory and non-value-added work. WCI will fulfill based on customer preference.

Closely integrating these various order fulfillment data connections and methods is part of the Virtual Assembly Factory solution provided by WCI. Order fulfillment along with other proven processes make the Virtual Assembly Factories an effective answer for Global OEMs and SME Product Companies looking to reduce cost, improve asset utilization, increase throughput, and scale their business.