The Customer

A company focused on the creation of game-changing solutions for personal air quality, surface decontamination, commercial and residential deodorizers, and engineered solutions.

Taking Control of What Others Can't

Our customer, a small-to medium-sized product innovation company, was unable to scale due to supplier constraints. They simply didn’t have the time, resources, or partnerships to handle it alone.

Background & Situation

The customer was going through explosive growth due to the pandemic environment. As a result, they experienced serious supply chain issues with their current manufacturing partner, preventing them from realizing their growth potential.

  • Supplier was high in cost and failing to deliver on time
  • Internally managing both suppliers and assembly
  • Non-optimized supply chain

WCI Solutions

By increasing capacity and resolving supply chain inefficiencies, we were able to help accelerate our customer’s success.

  • Doubled the customer’s throughput
  • Provided an increase in profit per unit, safety improvements, supply chain simplification, and project management
  • Utilized global supply base to bypass distributor pricing
  • Dual-sourced components to ensure product availability
  • Identified electrical and metal fabrication design enhancements to improve manufacturability


Standout Achievements

From doubling capacity and providing a bill of material efficiencies to improving product safety and simplifying supply chain complexities, we helped our customer increase production and make more money.

  • “We asked WCI to help us with something unique. They optimized our supply chain organization and brought tremendous efficiencies to our company.”

    Global OEM Supply Manager
  • “WCI managed a complex bill of material, supply chain, and a lot of details from start to finish. I see them as a full-service company for our production.”

    Global OEM General Manager
  • “World Class managed our suppliers with no issues. They took care of everything.”

    Global OEM Supply Manager