The Customer

A global OEM that specializes in the manufacturing of construction, agricultural, ground maintenance, and industrial vehicle equipment.

Leveraging Knowledge and Applying Skill to Refine Processes

WCI eliminated bottlenecks associated with hose and tube bundles by bringing experience and technology to the process.

Background & Situation

Our customer was experiencing challenges in their production process. We identified and understood the complexities involved.

  • Hose and tube bundles require significant factory space.
  • These bundles also involve large amounts of on-hand inventory.
  • Additional challenges include increased scrap, lost inventory, component and assembly errors, and production inefficiencies.

WCI Solutions

We recognized that while production constraints were the primary symptom affecting our customer, there were deeper causes of the problem that needed to be treated.

  • Custom fixturing to ensure quality and improve cycle time
  • Supply base enhancements ensuring critical part availability
  • Just-in-time deliveries utilizing returnable racking with supplier and factory
  • EDI capability to trigger/sequence various configurations to the production line

Case Study Results

Standout Achievements

From reducing costs and improving performance to recapturing floor space and eliminating overtime factory labor, we approached the problem holistically and compounded the success for our customer.

  • “We asked WCI to help us with something unique. They optimized our supply chain organization and brought tremendous efficiencies to our company.”

    Supply Manager, Global OEM
  • “There is not another vendor that we work with in the country like World Class Industries. WCI is unique and they manage from start to finish. From the bill of materials to product testing. They work the routing between vendors, then pick, pack, and ship.”

    General Manager, Global OEM
  • “WCI managed a complex bill of material, supply chain, and a lot of details from start to finish. I see them as a full-service company for our production.”

    General Manager, Small to Medium Size Product Manufacturer