The Customer

An OEM specializing in construction, agricultural, forestry, ground maintenance, and industrial vehicle equipment.

Driving Production Out: How We Stepped In

Unable to develop an error-proof assembly process to prevent part failure, the customer turned to WCI for assistance to meet a large field replacement program, as well as ongoing production needs.

Background and Situation

The customer was experiencing zero hour part failures—failures prior to arriving to customer or immediately upon first use. They needed a replacement program along with improved quality control for ongoing production.

  • Fan drives failing at a high rate
  • Struggled to diagnose the origin of the issue
  • Lack of data creating blind spots
  • Explosive demand driven by high service requirement
  • Additional assembly source required to increase production capacity

WCI Solutions

By engaging collaboratively with our customer, we were able to engineer and implement a new assembly process, solving both of the quality and capacity challenges.

  • Simplified communication to single point of contact for OEM.
  • Utilized in-house PLC programming capabilities with custom torque tools to ensure controlled process and quality.
  • Paired state-of-the-art technology with unique, serialized barcodes for data capture of critical information regarding press force, distance, and torque.
  • Integrated innovative assembly line design leveraging customer quality and engineering partnerships.


Standout Achievements

Our team developed PLC-driven solutions that from day 1 resolved prior part failure issues and resulted in the full transition of production and service to WCI within 18 months.